Gavy NJ Members Jenny, Gunji And Seorin Leave Their Agency, Goodfellas Entertainment

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Group Gavy NJ members Jenny, Gunji, and Seorin all left the agency.

On December 29th, Jenny announced on her SNS, “Jenny, Gunji, and Seorin ended their contract with Goodfellas Entertainment in March this year after a long discussion, please watch the members who will make a new start with unwavering love and support.”

Jenny said, “I was full of ambition and went to audition here and there by myself, and in 2012 I became a member of a group called Gavy NJ. Every single letter I sang was so precious and I was excited and happy. As a singer, 10 years have accumulated like this, looking back, I am very grateful for those years that allowed me to sing.”

Gavy NJ is a group that has existed since 2005, Jenny and Gunji have been active as the 3rd Gavy NJ since 2012, and Seorin joined in 2016, making it the 4th generation of Gavy NJ. Since then, they have been promoting and releasing songs such as ‘Shubi Ruby Loop’, ‘You Said You Were Happy’, and ‘Let’s Meet Again’.

Jenny’s entire statement is as below-

Hello. This is Jenny. First of all, I would like to apologize to those who have been waiting for Gavy NJ’s album, for reporting this news through an article first. I spent a long time thinking about when and how to convey this news to the fans.

Jenny, Gunji and Seorin ended their contracts with Goodfellas Entertainment in March 2022 after long consideration. Please keep an eye on the members who will overcome the time spent together and start anew with unchanging warm love and support.

It reminds me of the time when I went to auditions alone with the spirit of “Bring it on everyone!” Where did a college student who just came to Seoul get such energy? That’s how I became a member of a group called Gavy NJ in 2012. Each letter of the song was so precious and it was fun and exciting. I remember bragging about each video that the fans posted to my mom and saying that I was so happy with my teary face. Starting with those happy memories, I’ve been accumulating 10 years as a singer. I didn’t have much time to look back I didn’t want to do that for some reason. Now that I look back, I feel grateful for the years that made me sing now.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the fans who have loved Gavy NJ’s music, and to the family who has passionately supported us anytime, anywhere. We will repay you with good music by bringing together the times we have spent and the times to come. There will be many better days ahead. You will cheer for us, right? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for reading the long article. I’m going to let go of the eventful year and greet the upcoming new year with strength! Happy New Year all together.


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