G-Dragon Interacts Cutely With IU Through Instagram

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Gdragon is the cutest when interacting with his friend IU on social media.

On Jul 28th, IU posted a photo of a soju glass to her massive Instagram following of 4.3 million fans, in the photo you can see her face in the bottom of the glass, the idol is currently advertising for a soju brand.

The caption of the photo reads, “Nice to meet you”, the idol is cleverly trying to promote the brand through a photo of herself. Some fans caught a friend comment on her Instagram.

Gdragon had written a comment on her Instagram photo using his private account “peaceminusone” he said “my favorite brand”.

Fans loved how the two interact cutely on social media. Gdragon has previously agreed to feature on IU’s chart topping track “Palette”.

Don’t you think they have the cutest friendship?

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