FTISLAND Members Reaction To Minhwan’s Marriage Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

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FTISLAND’s fans woke up to amazing shocking news, the youngest FTISLAND’s member Minhwan is getting married to his girlfriend Yulhee.

The members have nothing but love and support for their maknae, each member has shared a personal message to Minhwan congratulating him on his upcoming marriage.

The rock band leader, Choi Jung Hun shared a sweet photo of Minhwan rocking the drums, he said,

“Ori maknae is a young faithful responsible person. He is young, but I trust he’ll lead a happy life. All the members gave their blessings and support. Yulhee seems very nice and sincere. I hope this beautiful couple will be a happy family for the rest of their lives. Be happy 🙂 Congratulations. Our forever maknae Minari.”

Lee Hong Ki also shared a sweet longer message with a sweet photo of the band leader and Minhwan, he wrote,

“Ori Maknae!! Choi Minari!! Is getting married!! Congratulations, live a happy and healthy life, lets also work hard on music, just like you said.

Do you like that you’re getting married before your hyungs do? Look at Jong Hun’s face (in the photo) … haha congrats again, be happy. I also want to get married!”

Lee Hong Ki then added a sweet message to Primadonna, their fanclub name, he said,

“Ps. Primadonna.

You might be taken back or even feeling bad about the news. Minhwan was actually worried most about you. He said he’ll gift you with more music. We always want to be your best friends. Please give your blessings.”

Lee Jae Jin also shared a sweet snapshot of Minhwan playing drums, he wrote,

“Congratulations! Minhwan, you beat your hyungs and entered the path to happiness first.

We will continue to celebrate your life and marriage.

To all Primadonnas, please give Minhwan your blessings!”

Song Seung Hyun also took to Instagram to write a congratulatory message to Minhwan, he wrote,

“Minhwan!! I will always be by your side! I sincerely congratulate you on your marriage.”

Congrats to Yulhee and Minhwan once again.

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