fromis_9’s Saerom And Seoyeon To Take Hiatus From Group Activities, Here Is Why

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fromis_9’s Saerom and Seoyeon are halting activities for the time being!

On October 28, fromis_9’s label announced the news via an official statement. Due to the members’ health, they will halt activities and focus on recovering.

Hello. This is PLEDIS Entertainment.

We would like to provide you with some information regarding fromis_9 members LEE SAE ROM and LEE SEO YEON’s future activities.

LEE SAE ROM and LEE SEO YEON will not be able to participate in fromis_9’s official activities for some time as they are feeling unwell.

Therefore, six members of fromis_9 will participate in the Hanbat National University festival scheduled for Friday, October 28 and six or seven members will be participating in other future activities. We ask for your generous understanding.

Thank you.”

As a result, only 6 members of the group will active for now.

Get well soon, Saerom and Seoyeon!

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