Founder Of Singer BIBI’s Agency Tiger JK Personally Addresses Her Recent Alarming Instagram Live

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Singer BIBI has recently caused huge concern to fans after her live broadcast and had many deeply worried about her mental and physical health.

The live broadcast became top trending news locally and internationally as fans rushed to show support for BIBI and criticized her agency. BIBI said in her live, “I want to eat good food and I want to take a nap. I want to rest! But I can’t do those things without hard work. I don’t have a choice. I have a lot of families. I have to work hard.” and added, “I’m just acting like I’m doing well, but I’m f*cking done, I’m f*cking done.”

She also mentioned killing herself before repeating how exhausted she was.

Due to that, fans became concerned and video of the live broadcast went viral. Due to this, BIBI ended up going on Instagram live again to assure fans she’s doing fine. She also later took to Instagram to write a post and assure fans that nothing was wrong.

She apologized and assured fans she was doing okay and that she experienced a burnout. She also defended the founders of her agency Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae as they have been on the receiving end of a lot of backlash due to the Instagram live incident. She mentioned how supportive they have been of her.

Not too long after BIBI’s numerous statements, Tiger JK took to Instagram to write a post assuring fans she’s doing ok. Read what he said below!

To BiBi’s fans

First I would like to assure you that BiBi is doing great . And I would like to also emphasize that we do not starve our artists. We eat good, play hard and treat
each other with nothing but respect and love . Now having said that, I felt like I needed to just talk to you guys like | always do here , the reason why I didn’t
say anything sooner was that ! didn’t want to speak on her behalf .
BiBi’s breakdown on IG live took all of us by surprise.
We at Feel ghood music do not censor our artists , and we do not control artists communicating on their personal accounts such as IG . My long time
fans/friends know that @. I don’t know what triggered her to express her
frustration in such sadness but as creatives and artists ourselves, we empathize with BiBi .
She’s working on something really monumental — her first full length album is a masterpiece. The way BiBi writes her songs is very beautiful but painful at the
same time . She writes scripts for movies and builds characters first. However, she gets so immersed in these stories that at times, she becomes those characters. It’ll all make sense to you guys when her album finally drops . We all haven’t slept for weeks and months for this project and it’s almost complete .
As we near the final stages of completing her beautiful dark twisted world, | could only assume that her anxiety was going thru the roof as many artists tend to do — especially with their first albums . which might be what set this off for her. On top of all that, as it’s festival season in Korea , we have many shows to rock . We, along with BiBi are appreciative and so grateful of all the opportunities we been getting , but sometimes we don’t know how to pace ourselves. I do believe that she (and we), are all exhausted. But one thing’s for certain, she loves rocking shows.
While Feel ghood music doesn’t necessarily have your typical artist development (we don’t train artists), we do have a team of professionals for all things
business and most importantly — we let artists pick and choose most of their schedules.
I promise you , BiBi is NOT starving nor doin things she doesn’t want to . One thing we pride ourselves on is that our company has an unbreakable love for
one another . I do whatever it takes to protect my loved ones and that’s just how lam. No love is lost at all here either . I want BiBi to continue to be healthy , happy , and expressive – not only as a ceo but also as a fan . I will continue to support her and make sure she reaches her full potential as the amazing artist she is . 1 100% appreciate the outpouring of love and concern for her. pls know that we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that Bibi is healthy and happy. At the end of the day | do believe that everything happens for a reason and that this will only make us stronger.

Thank you
Much love

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