FORRESTELLA To Sing The Congratulatory Song At Figure Skating Champion Kim Yuna And FORRESTELLA’s Ko Woo Rim’s Wedding

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Group FORRESTELLA will be in charge of singing the congratulatory song at their fellow member Ko Woo Rim’s wedding ceremony with figure skating champion Kim Yuna.

According to FORRESTELLA’s agency on October 19, FORRESTELLA, a crossover group will sing the congratulatory song at the wedding ceremony of Kim Yuna and FORRESTELLA’s Ko Woo Rim. It is not confirmed whether Ko Woo Rim will also join the stage.

The couple with a five years age gap, made headlines in July when they announced their marriage at the same time as their dating announcement.

Kim Yuna and Ko Woo Rim first met at Kim Yuna’s all-that-skate ice show celebration stage in 2018 and their love relationship grew for three years, they will finally get married the October 22.

The wedding ceremony will be held at the Shilla Hotel, and the agency said that the wedding will be held privately with only close relatives and acquaintances in attendance.

Meanwhile, Ko Woo Rim has yet to enlist in the military, so he will fulfill his military service after marriage.

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