Former YG Creative Director Calls BLACKPINK Lisa ‘The Artist Of This Generation’ Leading To A Heated Discussion Among Kpop Fans

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Former YG Creative Director recent Instagram post has garnered attention and has led to a lot of discussions among Kpop fans.

In a lengthy post, Former YG creative director SJ “SINXITY” Shin (Seong Jin Shin) stated that he believes BLACKPINK’s Lisa and NCT’s Mark are this generation’s best artists.

In his instagram post, he says,

“Out of all the artists in the entertainment industry, Lisa is this generation’s best idol/artist.

Talent/skill/charm/effort/personality/morals. Everything is almost at 100%.”

He also says when Lisa is on stage, she makes it her solo performance and during her trainee days, no one critiqued her during the monthly evaluations. He also called her growth ‘brave.’ He also praised NCT Mark along with Lisa saying that it might not be their time to shine but he could easily tell they’re focused.

He says even though Lisa is born with talent, he could still feel her efforts. He goes on to bring up the instagram followers into the equation,

“Out of all the other kpop idols, Lisa has the most followers. However, many still state that she’s undervalued and I think there are upsides to that.

She hasn’t even released a solo album yet. It’s as if YG won the lottery but didn’t go to the bank to cash the prize. Just through Lisa alone, I think she makes YG worth 10 trillion won ($8.2 billion).”

He also praised Mark in a separate sentence stating he’s even more undervalued than Lisa, he’s in most of NCT units and has taken on many concepts that otherwise wouldn’t have fit him. He says,

“SM creativity and swag are part of his DNA. Even if its not his part, he captures every second, comma, millimeter, and frame.

Please give him less experimental looks.”

He finishes off his post saying the future of Kpop depends on hem both and even goes on to claim that he will be able to see them perform at the Superbowl stage one day.

His lengthy post attracted the attention of BLACKPINK and NCT fans as well as general Kpop fans who had a lot to say about his statement. Some agree with him while others disagree.

What do you think?

My Personal Thoughts

This is gonna come off bad on my part but it almost feels as if the one who wrote this was ordered to praise those artists to no end… It doesn’t come off naturally, especially Lisa’s part.

Everybody has the right to their opinion, but if some disagree with him doesn’t mean they hate Lisa. It’s very lazy and childish to call out everyone who disagrees with the man a ‘hater,’ counter-attack with arguments please.

If you keep calling people bitter or haters because they’re presenting their arguments against his statement respectfully and logically, it makes you looks very immature and childish.

I respectfully disagree with his opinion on Lisa. In the case of Mark, the general Kpop fan [even if they’re not part of the NCT fandoms] is still aware he exists, I am one of them and I’ve seen him perform and I can understand why SM is shoving him in every NCT unit. The man has a bright future ahead of him. But saying the future of kpop depends on them is a very weird statement…

However, I’ve seen nothing that can artistically prove to me that Lisa is what he says. While I am not discrediting his opinion, I haven’t witnessed anything that backs up what he says with numbers. Lisa doesn’t produce her songs, doesn’t have solos we can judge on, where are those statements coming from? Teddy writes everything for the group…

Lets forget writing or producing her own songs, does she have multiple solo albums we can judge on? does she provide feedback to what goes into their MVs? What is it he used to reach his conclusion?

He might know stuff we don’t and he could’ve naturally seen how good she could be through her training period. However, we, regular fans, don’t have anything to back this up with.

Saying YG is worth this much because of Lisa is kinda laughable, because there is BIGBANG and they’re not even worth the number he’s stating.

The girl group barely has 13 songs; they still have a long way to go before we can call them ‘artists.’ Lisa is a good dancer, is she the best in my opinion? No. She has good stage presence but there are also countless other popular and unknown idols who have very similar traits to her and this is coming from someone who loves Lisa, she’s one of my fav in BLACKPINK.  

Having a big Instagram following doesn’t equate talent. I was trying to take him seriously but when he brought up Instagram followers, I immediately withdrew. As a creative director, social media followers are not the thing you should be discussing, sir.

I am sure those who are working in the Kpop industry would be able to dissect his statement and shred it into pieces way better than me, but even to the naked untrained eye, his statements about Lisa are overblown. While Mark does have a bright future ahead of him, how SM uses his talents will show us if he truly will lead the future of Kpop. These two idols need to have creative freedom so we can fully judge them by that.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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