Former Wanna One Member Lee Dae Hwi Candidly Discusses His Feeling Regarding Produce Vote Rigging Controversy

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Wanna One Member Lee Dae Hwi, who is currently a member of AB6IX, has answered questions about the ongoing police investigation into Produce rigging controversy.

On November 8, Lee Dae Hwi attended the press conference of SBS short-form drama “Mon Chou Chou Global House.”

As you’d expect, journalists asked him questions about the ongoing police investigation and controversy surrounding Mnet and the four seasons of Produce, the PD of the show was recently placed under arrest and had reportedly admitted to rigging the votes of “Produce 48” and “Produce X 101.”

Lee Dae Hwi debuted as part of Wanna One following his appearance on “Produce 101 Season 2,” when asked about it, he said,

“I had also received this question during AB6IX’s showcase, but the issue has gotten even more serious since then. Its heartbreaking.

Its so unfortunate that even the hard work of the contestants is being overlooked. I hope they can get through this well.”

Do you agree with him? What are your thoughts on the ongoing controversy?

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My Personal Thoughts

I understand his point of view and agree that the contestants work is being overlooked but it’s serious and there is a good reason for that…. People now are focused on how they were tricked, no one likes to be tricked and scammed.

Mnet practically lied to the entire Korean population claiming they were ‘the nation producers’ having an effect on the votes and rankings of promising idols, they made so much money through that emotional manipulation and convinced people their thoughts actually mattered and its been reportedly revealed that it was all pre-determined. Not only immoral but also illegal and infuriating with all honesty.

The depth of this controversy is huge and because of how everything turned out, it makes sense that people are focused on how much Mnet fucked up. I know it’s sad for the idols but it’s a huge deal.

Wanna One alone made 10 of millions of dollars and Mnet did that by their editing and scenarios that got everybody emotional and heavily invested. People wanted to support these young rising talents. The entire show was a marketing strategy for the debut group, which is super clever and it paid off. Wanna One made so much money in such a short period of time.

Sadly, and as I said before, idols will pay the biggest price. I highly doubt they knew they were going to end up debuting judging by their reactions. Even if some of them received help, I highly doubt the agency told them they were going to make it; they also probably wanted their reactions to be genuine. Agencies don’t really need or want to explain to idols or trainees why they’re doing things the way they do and honestly, these poor idols won’t even have a say in this.

These idols still worked hard but the media doesn’t care about that because the agencies’ greed ruined everything, and judging by the success of Produce series, everybody wanted a piece of that. That’s greed, my friends.

It’s so sad how idols are always the ones who are stepped at while the executives only get slapped on the wrist.

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