Former Super Junior Member Hangeng Reveals The Real Reason Why He Left And SM Entertainment Restrictions

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The former Super Junior Hangeng has recently opened up about what struggles he faced while under SM Entertainment before his sudden departure.

According to Chinese news outlet Sina, Hangeng shared his experience while under the huge Kpop entertainment agency. He said,

“I was a handsome, good dancer, fresh and had lots of fans, I was an idol.”

Hangeng revealed that the restrictions were very difficult to coup with, he said,

“The agency controls your image and won’t allow you to do anything you want. You must put the agency and your group ahead of yourself.”

Hangeng explained that this was the real reason why he left the agency, he revealed that he tried his best to discuss it with the head directors but nothing came out of it.

He also revealed that he wanted to act and not dance and jump until he’s 30 years old, when asked by the MC whether he cared about fans, he affirmed that he does and added,

“I didn’t have much to offer to them.”

Hangeng left Super Junior back in 2009 and filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, he went back to China and has been promoting as an actor ever since.

What do you think of what he said? Do you miss him in Super Junior?

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