Former SM Rookies Member Rami To Debut As An Actress With Upcoming Drama Based On Popular Animation

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Rami, the former member of the pre-debut trainee group SM Rookies has been confirmed to join the cast of “Oh! Young Shim.”

On December 22, SM Entertainment told Exports News, “It is true that Rami will appear in ‘Oh! Young Shim.’”

“Oh! Young Shim” is a live-action drama based on the characters in the memorable animation “Young Shim,” and is full of bickering romance that unfolds when Young Shim, who is experiencing the joys and sorrows of life in her 30s, meets Wang Kyung Tae (Donghae) by coincidence.

Born in 2003, Rami, who is 20 years old this year, scored her name as a member of SM Rookies, a pre-debut team of SM Entertainment, and an open trainee, in 2013 when she was 11 years old. Rami, who was said to have left the company, recently made headlines after adding herself as an actor on the SM artist profile.

The agency told Exports News on December 9, “It is true that Rami is going to debut as an actress belonging to SM.”

Rami has experience acting as a child actor, and appeared in “The Perfect Spy,” “Me Too, Flower,” and “Five Fingers.”

Meanwhile, “Oh! Young Shim” stars actors Song Ha Yoon, Super Junior Donghae, Lee Min Jae, and Jung Woo Yeon and is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2023.

Are you excited to see her in this drama?

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