Former RAINBOW Member Go Woo Ri Announces Her Marriage

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Former Girl Group RAINBOW member actress Go Woo Ri agency announced her marriage.

On August 4, the actress agency ImageNinecoms said, “Go Woo Ri will have a wedding on October 3. The couple met a year ago through an acquaintance’s introduction which continued to a serious meeting, confirming their trust in each other, and decided to get married after having a meeting with each other families.”

Go Woo Ri’s prospective groom is a five-year-older businessman who runs a private business, and the wedding of the two will be held in private somewhere in Seoul.

The actress will continue activities after marriage. The agency said, “Go Woo Ri will continue to participate in work activities such as dramas and movies even after getting married on October 3,” adding, “The HBO Max drama ‘Mentalist’, which has already been filmed, will be released this year.” “She is preparing to shoot a new drama and movie, and Woo Ri will greet you through her work soon,” the Agency side added.

Go Woo Ri, who debuted as a RAINBOW member in 2009, later got into the shoes of actor and appeared in the dramas such as “My One,” “Love In Sadness,” and “Hello, Me!”

We wish her happiness.

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