Former Nine Muses Member Kyungri Leaves YNK Entertainment

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Kyungri, a former member of Nine Muses, has left YNK Entertainment after her contract expired.

Kyungri said on her Instagram on March 6th, “My contract with YNK, which I have been with for three years, has expired.”

She added, “I’m going to post a short message for fans who are always curious about and waiting for my activities.”

Following is the message on Kyungri’s Instagram post:

Hello, I’m Kyungri.

The contract with YNK entertainment, which I’ve been with for 3 years, has expired.

For the fans who are always curious about my activities and waiting for me, I’m going to write a short message.

The drama I worked on last year and the one that is still being filmed, I think both of them will be aired this year.

I’ve been grateful to the company’s CEO and family..

It was meaningful that I tried other fields and I am grateful that there is something I want to do in the future.

This year, I want to repay the people who cheer me on.

I always say hello through writing, but I’m looking forward to the day when I meet the fans that I’ve missed and say hello to them one by one of them.

I miss you and thank you always!


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