Former “MIXNINE” Contestant Publicly Calls Out BIGBANG Seungri Over Past Advice

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Be.A’s Yeong Kyun has seemingly called out BIGBANG Seungri who is embroiled in many controversies since the beginning of 2019

Yeong Kyun is a former MIXNINE contestant, he wrote a post to his Instagram on March 1st that seems to be directed at Seungri.

He posted a blank image and captioned,

“You said you’d give me a piece of advice as a sunbae in front of all the staff, you told me ‘aren’t you the same age as me? if you can’t make it even though you have tried this hard, then you should learn another skill, so you can earn money for your parents (as a good son)?’

That so-called advice pierced my heart and left. Now that is being repaid in front of all the citizens of the country.

I am always serving my parents well as a filial son 🙂 Seems that you don’t fulfill filial duty with money (LOL).

Thank you so much for teaching me that people should always be humble 🙂

#burningSun #DateRapeDrug #Prostitution.”

The hashtags in the post of Yeong Kyun, people believe his post is directed at Seungri. Thus various Korean news outlets drew to the conclusion that his post is directed towards Seungri who is currently embroiled in controversy.

Yeong Kyun is a part of the idol group Be.A. He was a contestant on YG Entertainment survival show MIXNINE, Seungri had previously appeared as a judge during evaluation.

Seungri has been most recently embroiled in controversy over alleged messages conversations that he had offered sexual favors from prostitutes to investors; his agency has released a statement denying the allegations adding they would be taking strict legal action against spreading of fake news.

Seungri was also involved in “Burning Sun” club controversy.

What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

Wow! I rarely see idols do this; Yeong Kyun is hella bold I tell ya!

I personally feel sorry for Yeong Kyun.

Its terrible for someone who is a senior in the industry to do this to an idol who wasn’t able to make it. If you really want to advise someone about a sensitive issue, do it privately, this is common courtesy. You don’t tell someone they’re wasting their time chasing their dreams in front of others, that’s just plain rude.

Do I think what Seungri said was right/Do I agree with it? Honestly, I do!

Do I think his method of giving advice was right? Hell No!

Personally, I don’t like it when people mask publicly humiliating others as ‘advice.’ If you truly care, you take them away from the crowd to discuss or give advice, you don’t do it like that.

Was what Yeong Kyun did correct? should he have posted this? No, it wasn’t but I certainly understand why he’d do it.

Humans are naturally full of pride when an incident happens that messes with their pride it hurts them deeply and leaves a scar, you’re unlikely to forget being humiliated by something or someone.

I wouldn’t have personally did the same thing Yeong Kyun did if it had happened to me but I totally I understand his point of view; I suspect he thought ‘who’s this idol that boasted and humiliated me in front of others? he’s involved in so many controversies yet he was ‘trying’ to teach me how to properly live my life when he can’t do that himself?’

I suspect this was similar to the string of thoughts that went through Yeong Kyun’s head seeing whats going on with Seungri.

Before you jump the gun and attack Yeong Kyun, just remember, you’ll probably be doing the same thing on social media if someone did something similar to you.

I am disappointed with some VIPs comments on his post, I have seen many English comments asking him to kill himself, others were bashing him calling him useless, those are the same fans who attack other Kpop fans who said the same things to Seungri.

Do you think it’s okay or nice of you to tell Yeong Kyun that? How different are you from the people who are calling Seungri awful things these days?

Of course, I am not generalizing the whole fandom, I know there are many logical VIPs, but I seriously thought the fandom would be more mature than this. Especially at such times, yet they’re calling him names and being really mean when they be reporting hate comments similar to those lines to YG if someone bashed bigbang.

I know some of you think Yeong Kyun might be fishing for fame but honestly such attitude doesn’t work in the entertainment industry in Korea. This isn’t America. Yeong Kyun did something that will hinder his career; I suspect he did it because what Seungri said to him really hurt his feelings, you can feel it from the way he wrote the post.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I agree with your opinion.. I love the fact that u didn’t choose anyone side and stick to the fairness…
    #sorry. My. English. Is. Bad

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