Former Lovelyz Member Kei Departs PALMTREE ISLAND Agency After Only 9 Months

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Singer and musical actor Kei, a former member of the group Lovelyz, terminated her contract with her agency after nine months.

PALMTREE ISLAND officially announced to Newsen on September 27, ” PALMTREE ISLAND and Kei will terminate their exclusive contract after September.

PALMTREE ISLAND is an entertainment company founded by singer and musical actor Kim Jun Su in November last year. In addition to Kim Jun Su, musical actors Kim So Hyun, Jeong Sun Ah, and Jin Tae Hwa are affiliated with the agency and continue their activities.

The following is the full statement of PALMTREE ISLAND:

PALMTREE ISLAND and Kei have come to the decision of terminating the contract in September 2022.
After a long period of careful discussion, our company and our artist, Kei, decided to support each other’s future from each other’s respective positions, and in the future, Kei will greet everyone through various fields, including activities as a singer.
Although our work together is over, we will sincerely support Kei’s activities and steps that will continue.
Thank you.

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