Former Highlight Member Yong Junhyung Receives Severe Backlash After Quietly Enlisting In The Military

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Former Highlight Member Yong Junhyung quietly enlisted in the military on April 2nd.

His agency Around Us Entertainment released an official statement confirming the idol had quietly enlisted in the military at the recruit training center of the 23rd Infantry Division around 12 p.m.

The agency clarified that the date and location were not revealed in compliance with his wishes to enlist quietly.

Back on March 11, the agency had released an official statement announcing Yong Junhyung would be enlisting in early April; they added the exact date will be announced later.

However, the idol was later embroiled in controversy because of his relation to Jung Joon Young chatrooms. At first, he denied all involvement in the chatrooms, later he clarified he was indeed in a chatroom with Jung Joon Young, he had received illegally taken videos from him but denied having circulated or filmed any illegally taken videos himself.

Following the news, his agency announced his departure from Highlight.

With the news of his quiet enlistment making it to Korean news outlets, netizens continued to criticize him for his actions, some of the comments read,

“Going to the military not the police station?”

“People are going to ask you about it a lotㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

“Not the police station but the army? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

“Military run”

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  1. Why would you want him to make a big fuss going to the military after all this. Shame on him for watching the video but he wasn’t charged for it so let him go on with his life to deal with it.

    1. Is it wrong for him to smile? You only saw this picture and you already judged him whatever you like. Did you know what he felt when he decided to stepped down from his group? And to be honest, among all the idols who are involved in this case, junhyung has the least controversy, and if you look up on the internet, there are no news that reported he dishonoured women’s privacy, however, for the rest, there are one or two reports that actually told how they dishonoured women. Therefore, for me, he only did one time mistake, but this ONE mistake he did was involving people with power, which is why I think it’s unfair to junhyung. And there are still a lot of people who are actually involved indirectly with this case, but how many of them are willing to sacrifice their career and passion? And I acknowledge that, junhyung was supposed to report the video irregardless of who sent it to him, because due to his mistake, a lot of women have become the victims for this case. But, did we really know that junhyung knew jjy have the tendency to film women without consent? Did we really know, how many video junhyung actually watched? It could be only one. Based on my reading, there are no particular information given by the reporter. So NO! We knew too little about this case, but here we are, critisising people without any information in hand. Well, what can we do, we are human after all…
      What I’m trying to say here is, I am not defending his action of not reporting the video and even sharing inappropriate remarks about the women in the video because due to his mistake, a lot of women have suffered greatly, and he deserves to receive punishment. However, for me, if one day, he decided to be active in his group again, after his punishment, I will accept him. Nevertheless, it all depends on the knetz because after all, the people that they choose to be in the entertainment industry will be the people who will represent their country. So whatever happen, as a person who actually loves korea and of course the entartainment people, I will accept everything, (as long as it does not involve killing) but supporting junhyung is what I decide for myself because his group is the one who has bring me to love kpop. And as a fan, I feel the disappointment greater than everyone. But after thinking thoroughly, supporting him and Highlight is my final decision.

      *sorry for my english. have a nice day everyone 😀 *

  2. obviously those who comments saying he is running way doesn’t know anything abt junhyung. it was already his due to enlist, he was called in as a witness only. he just received a 1 sex video of jjy that he never asked for. yes, i agree with all comments here. does he knew jjy hv the tendency to film his sex life unnoticed by his partner? the consensual sex video that jjy sent him was at the same time the girl found abt it. they had made a settlement and jjy deleted the video, but yes after he shared it with junhyung. the case then was over, the girl didn’t continue to press charges on jjy. after that incident, junhyunh and jjy just exchange their hellos thru personal chat. if many ppl cld assume so much from junhyung side of the story. so i guess we cld also assume much to those idols who were much closer to jjy that they even went on vacation together. but no i also wouldn’t go that far. i will only consider the members of jjy’s group chat were the only one who knew agt their pervert tendencies. others including junhyung are just guilty by association.

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