Former Girl Group Leader Opens Up About How The Younger Members Struggled While Filming For Sexy MVs

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Sera, former girl group 9 Muse leader, has recently reacted to her own group music videos and she had a couple of things to say about how the maknaes (the youngest members of the group) were struggling with the sexy concept.

Sera said that she had conflicting thoughts about this and explained why reacting to their old music video of “No Playboy” brought back bad memories,

“To be honest with you, I have bad memories about ‘No playboy.’”

While watching the music video, she said,

“Isn’t it obvious everybody looks sad? I really hated the outfits for this video.”

Halfway through the music video she paused saying she couldn’t complete it,

“It was okay for me to wear stuff like that but our maknaes were… 18… this was supposed to be funny… you might not understand what I am feeling right now, this is very overwhelming for me because they were kids and they had pretty difficult time filming this video.

As a leader, watching them cry… Made me cry. Like, for an hour. And that’s how I as kicked out from the position leader.”

You can check out the video where she talks about this below:

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What did you think of it?

My Personal Thoughts

Cute concepts are not my thing but I feel like younger girl groups should definitely be sticking to those types of concepts instead of the sexy concept.

Also, I feel like nobody talks much about this… but why on earth do they debut kids who are 14 or 15 or even younger than that? I always thought it was super weird…. These are kids and sometimes companies dress them in provocative/sexy outfits…. isn’t this creepy? How is this okay? and how are the parents okay with it? how are authorities okay with it?

It’s not an accomplishment to debut at the age of 13 and wear sexy outfits, it’s disgusting if you ask me… and why isn’t anyone doing anything about this?

The same goes for boy groups, I feel so bad when I see them dressed in a way that’s supposed to be sexy when they’re just kids…

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