Former FIESTAR Member Jei Surprises Fans With Sudden Marriage Announcement

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Former FIESTAR Member Jei is getting married!

On August 18, Jei personally announced the news via social media. She shared a personal handwritten letter to fans on instagram and also posted to her YouTube channel announcing the news.

Through her YouTube channel, she revealed that she’s getting married on October 9; the wedding will be small and held privately with their family members. In her Instagram letter, she thanked fans for being by her side for the past 8 years.

Shockingly, Jei revealed that she has been planning for her marriage since 2019 and is currently living in her newlywed home, the wedding was supposed to be held in the spring of this year but it got canceled due to COVID19.

Fans weren’t aware that Jei was dating but are happy for her and sending her congratulatory messages.

Jei debuted in FIESTAR back in 2012, the group officially disbanded in 2018 when all of the members decided not to renew their contracts with their agency.

Congratulations to Jei on her upcoming wedding!

Check out the video where she announces the news below:

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