[BREAKING] Police Concludes It Was True That Former APRIL Member Hyunjoo Was Bullied, Clears Her Brother Of The Defamation Charges

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On June 23, law firm Lee & Kim that is taking on the case to defend former APRIL Hyunjoo and her family has released a statement to reveal that the defamation charges against her younger brother has been cleared.

The bullying accusations against APRIL members began in February at the height of the bullying controversies that came out about idols and actors. Among one of the most shocking cases was Former APRIL Member Hyunjoo’s, it started with her brother uploading posts saying she was bullied by her bandmates.

DSP Media has continuously denied the accusations and announced their intention to sue Hyungjoo, her brother [who is a minor], her family and her friends for spreading what they labeled to be false allegations.

After more back and forth between Hyunjoo and DSP, the members continued to vilify Hyunjoo and even accuse her of being the bully in the group. Members of the group released personal statements denying the accusations recently as well.

After a police investigation was launched, it was concluded that Hyunjoo’s brother had no intention to slander APRIL, added to that, he appears to have written the post out of frustration about his sister’s situation and he intended to reveal the truth about her situation.

Police also decided that it was true that Hyunjoo was bullied by the group and that the “tumbler incident” and “shoes incident” had really taken place, due to that, the contents of the posts can’t be considered false as they are close enough to the true version of events that took place at the time.

Whats catching netizens attention is the timing of this. According to the law firm, Hyunjoo’s brother was informed on June 20 that he was cleared of charges. The law firm also adds that DSP Media has likely also received a notice on the same day regarding the charges being cleared.

But why is this gaining attention?

For the past couple of days, APRIL members Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, and Jinsol took part in an interview where they continued to deny the bullying accusations and even claimed they were the ones being bullied by Hyunjoo and are the victims in this situation.

The law firm added that there were a total of six accusers who sued Hyunjoo’s brother and since the accusers information are not available for viewing, they have not been able to confirm who the six people are and plan on submitting additional requests to verify the identity of the six accusers.

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