Former AOA Member Yookyung Joins A 3-member Band, To Make A Comeback As A Drummer

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AOA Yookyung

The former member of the girl group AOA, Yookyung will stand in front of fans again as a drummer of the 3-member band, Uni. The band will make their first appearance in December. 

Uni is a 3-member band with Seungmin as vocalist/bassist, Dohwi as guitarist and Yookyung as a drummer. Uni will start their activities after their debut single, ‘Dive’ releases on December 8.

Yookyung is the leader and drummer of Uni. Before joining AOA in 2011, Yookyung was a drummer in her high school. After debuting with AOA, she only worked in the subunit, AOA Black.

Yookyung was unable to establish herself as the group AOA changed their concept from a band to a sexy girl group. However, Yookyung continued to practice the drums and is re-debuting as a member of Uni.

The members who will work together with Yookyung are guitarist Dohwi and bassist/vocalist Seungmin. Dohwi is in her early 20s but is known as a guitar prodigy. Seungmin has cool vocal tones that can pierce one’s heart. Their performance on stage is sure to be impressive.

The group promotes punk-rock and emo-core sound but they want to establish themselves as a unique band that produces a variety of songs without limitation of genre.

Uni’s debut song ‘Dive’ gives the bold message of following your own path without conforming to the standards of society. It is a light rock song that makes one acknowledge their differences and devote themselves to their destiny.

Yookyung is the centre of attention as everyone is looking forward to her comeback in a new appearance.

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