Former AOA Member Jimin Opens Up About How She Lived The Past 2 Years After The Bullying Controversy Began In 2020

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AOA former member Jimin, who announced her retirement from the entertainment industry after bullying allegations by member Mina, has released a solo album in more than two years and expressed her thoughts on her album and more on MBC Fm program.

MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song Of Hope,” which aired on March 8, featured former member of AOA Jimin, who released her first EP album as a solo singer.

Jimin, who left the group AOA in July 2020, released her first EP album “BOXES” on February 22 this year. A total of four songs were included, including the title song “Sympathy,” “Somewhere,” “Don’t Know Why,” and “Suddenly.”

Jimin said, “I thought the album would come out as a rap one, but it is rock.”

When asked, “Please tell me what the story about the album is,” she said,

It is an album that means that I’m going to leave my past self and become a new me. This album is not as fancy as I used to make, but I think it’s an album where I can be a little more honest.”

Regarding the title song, which literally means sympathy and compassion, Jimin said,

It’s a song that I’ve been working on for a long time. The first album was made with this song as a start.
The content of this song also means that I will leave my past and become a different me who is more confident and show everything. “

Kim Shin Young praised Jimin, saying,

Actually, you didn’t start in as a rapper from the beginning. Didn’t you come in as a vocalist? I thought that this album accurately captured your taste, and the types of music you do well in were also captured cleverly.
I actually liked your singing more than playing the guitar and rapping, and I think you have a lot of rock vibes.”

Jimin shared about her dream coming true, commenting,

I started singing while playing the guitar for the first time in the audition. I had a little dream inside of me. I thought I could do the music I wanted someday, but I didn’t know it would come true so soon.”

In the case of “Don’t Know Why,” she said,

It’s a fan song, Since I heard a lot of people saying, ‘I’ll wait for you.’ I tried to make this song that combines the desire to overcome and meet each other again and to wake up by reflecting on the promises I made to my friends. When you hear it, I hope you know that ‘you’ are yourself.”

While Kim Shin Young admired her, saying, “Jimin used to be reckless, but you have grown up.”

Later, when Jimin was asked when did she start practicing singing, she said,

I had a little break. I was still running then. Almost two years. Two years ago wasn’t a time that stopped for me, but it was a time to run for me.”

Meanwhile, Jimin announced her withdrawal from the group and retirement from the entertainment industry in 2020 due to controversy over the exposure of her bullying her former AOA member Mina. Since then, she signed an exclusive contract with her current agency in July last year and returned to broadcasting through JTBC’s “Second World” in August of the same year.

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  1. Honestly i miss AoA but i think Jimin is better off as a soloist as a perfectionist she has expectations off herself and others so i think solo she can do what she loves without the burdens associated with leadrship and group dynamics , i am excited for her and will support her

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