[BREAKING] CL Reportedly Leaving YG Entertainment + YG Issues Response

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YG Entertainment has responded to reports Of CL’s Departure From Their Agency.

Previously, Sports Today reported that CL has decided to leave YG Entertainment after failing to agree on contract terms. They reported that friction between the two parties grew because CL’s comeback kept getting pushed away.

The report quickly went viral, YG Entertainment responded to that report. YG told Dong-A that they’re still negotiating with CL, nothing has been decided yet.

CL’s contract is reportedly coming to an end soon. 2NE1 disbanded back in November of 2016, both CL and Dara had re-signed with YG.

UPDATE: CL Leaves YG Entertainment After 10 Years

Do you think CL should leave or stay?

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It’s been reported that CL has left YG Entertainment!

According to an exclusive report by news outlets Sports Today, CL has failed to reach an agreement with YG to re-sign for the second time. They couldn’t agree on some terms for the new contract.

CL originally debuted as part of 2NE1 in 2009; she also released solos as well. The group disbanded in 2016 and it was reported that CL had re-signed a contract with YG.

CL was originally supposed to advance to the American market, however, that never truly came to be. CL has had issues with her label for a while. Her latest release was in 2017 goodbye song for 2NE1. She had appeared on variety shows here and there but didn’t release music for a while.

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Controversy aroused earlier this year when YG issued statements about their artists’ comeback and CL was not on the list. Fans demanded an update and an explanation from YG. They wanted to hear new music from CL so badly.

CL had even once left a comment on Yang Hyun Suk’s Instagram asking him to check his messages when he was talking about giving another YG artist a comeback. This triggered rumors that Yang Hyun Suk was ignoring CL’s demands which made fans even more furious.

Currently, Yang Hyun Suk is under investigation for various suspicions from prostitution mediation to gambling and intimidation. He was recently booked by police on the suspicion of concealing B.I drug case. YG has been busy in 2019 with its controversies.

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YG has yet to release an official statement on the report.

Stay tuned for updates!

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