This Filipino Young Star Will Become The First EVER Kpop Idol To Debut Solo

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Meet Kriesha Tiu your new favorite girl crush.

Kriesha Tiu is stealing hearts and breaking records for this amazing happy reason.

Kriesha Tiu’s agency “Urban entertainment” has confirmed that she is, at last, making her solo debut.

There have been many rumors circulating the web saying she was going to debut and seems like its true.

“Urban entertainment” said:

 “We are currently preparing for Kriesha Tiu’s solo debut which is planned for May. The schedule has not been confirmed yet so there may still be changes in the release schedule.”

But what shocked people was that she was already preparing to debut solo, but since she participated in Kpop star 6, the agency decided to delay it.

“Urban entertainment” confirmed this saying:

“We have been working on this since before her appearance on K-Pop Star 6. Since she appeared on the show, we delayed her debut. “..We are working hard so she can debut without any flaws.”

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