Fifty Fifty’s Agency Release Voice Recording Alleging Warner Music Korea Were Attempting To Buyout The Agency

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Attrakt, the agency of the group Fifty Fifty, publicly released the recorded phone conversation between Attrakt’s CEO Jeon Hong-joon and a Warner Music Korea executive on July 3rd to prove the previous statements they released to the press about an external force attempting to poach the members.

Back on June 26th, Attrakt named Warner Music Korea as the external force. However, Warner Music Korea denied the claims, stating that they were baseless. Later, they claimed Ahn Sung-il of The Givers was involved in the conflict too.

Regarding the recorded phone conversation released on July 3, an Attrakt representative stated, “CEO Ahn Sung-il, without the approval of Attrakt’s CEO Jeon Hong-joon, unilaterally attempted a buyout of Fifty Fifty.” They also mentioned, “Further evidence of additional criminal activities by Ahn Sung-il, the CEO of The Givers, has been discovered.”

Below is the content of the recorded conversation from May 9th, which was released by Attrakt:

Warner Music Korea Executive: “There’s something I want to confirm.”

Attrakt CEO Jeon Hong-joon: “Yes, go ahead.”

Warner Music Korea Executive: “We had previously proposed a buyout to CEO Ahn Sung-il for 20 billion won.”

Jeon Hong-joon: “I haven’t heard about it.”

Warner Music Korea Executive: “You haven’t heard about it?”

Jeon Hong-joon: “No.”

Jeon Hong-joon: “What is a buyout?”

Warner Music Korea Executive: “No, that label.”

Jeon Hong-joon: “What do you mean by the label?”

Warner Music Korea Executive: “So, basically, we… if we express it simply, it means acquiring all the members, something like that.”

Around late June, Attrakt claimed that external forces had approached Fifty Fifty and the CEO even conducted an interview and said he will reveal the names soon and fight to keep the members. Later on the 26th of June, the agency accused Warner Music Korea and sent them a statement of proof, they also demanded an explanation. In a statement to the press, Warner Music Korea denies the accusations and expressed regret such rumors have been spreading around.

Later, through another statement to the press, The CEO of the agency announced he’s filed a lawsuit against producer and the CEO of The Givers, An Sung-il, and three more after accusing them of being the said external force attempting to poach the members. On June 28, it was revealed that Fifty Fifty has filed to suspend their contracts with them as of June 19.

The Givers later denied it and promised to sue the CEO for his accusations.

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