Fans Wonder If BTS Comeback Is Near After Jungkook Spotted With Drastically Different Hair Color

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Is BTS comeback near? Could be, fans are noticing these signs!

On November 12, BTS members were spotted at Incheon International airport; they departed for a schedule in Finland. However, the exact details about their schedule haven’t been revealed to the public which left fans wondering if BTS might be cooking up something. Another thing also attracted the attention of ARMY, Jungkook was spotted with a new hairstyle, particularly, a new hair color.

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Fans saw a light shade blonde on top and black beneath. Jungkook rarely colors his hair anything too extreme. Fans became curious and started speculating whether BTS comeback is near as well.

Usually, BTS change their hair colors drastically before each comeback. Fans can’t wait to take a look at Jungkook’s new hair style. This became such a hot topic that ‘jungkookie’s hair’ trended on twitter in South Korea.

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Many fans shared videos of Jungkook and his new hair, check them out below:

Do you think Jungkook really colored his hair? Would you like BTS to come back soon?

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