Fans Relieved As EVERGLOW’s Yiren Return To South Korea 10 Months After Her Hiatus + EVERGLOW Announces Collab With TheFatRat

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EVERGLOW’s Yiren is back in South Korea to the delight of many fans.

Back in January of this year, EVERGLOW’s agency released a statement to explain that Yiren will go back to China from mid-January due to her academic status, she’s also going to be spending time with her family. As a result, EVERGLOW has been promoting as five members for the majority of this year. Contrary to what the agency said when they announced she’d be back by February.

Fans were especially concerned as her hiatus seemed to take longer than expected, some began to fear she might be exiting the group. Yiren promoted on various Chinese shows during this time.

And finally, recently, Yiren was seen returning to Seoul via Incheon Airport. She was seen smiling and happily greeting fans in press photos.

It was also recently announced that EVERGLOW will be releasing a collaboration project with TheFatRat. Fans speculate she’s coming back to participate in the upcoming project with the rest of her group members.

“Ghost Light” is scheduled to be released on November 18.

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