Fans Petition ‘JUSTICE FOR SOOJIN’ Demanding Answers After Soojin Sudden Unexpected Departure From (G)I-DLE

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Some of (G)I-DLE fans are taking to to demand answers from Cube entertainment.

On August 14, Cube entertainment suddenly announced the departure of Soojin from (G)I-DLE. This follows the bullying controversy against the idol which began earlier this year. The announcement came as a shock because the agency and Soojin have repeatedly denied the idol has ever been a bully, added to that, Cube entertainment has also released multiple statements announcing their plans for strict legal action and even updating fans on the progress of filing criminal complaints against those who spread the rumors.

Things took a turn for the worse when Soojin explicitly called on child actress Seo Shin Ae to release a clear statement about the bullying issue.

This is because the actress had previously talked about being bullied in a past interview, her remarks were brought up again when the allegations of Soojin being an alleged bully became a trending topic.

Seo Shin Ae went to school with Soojin, fans have been speculating that Seo Shin Ae was bullied by her.

Due to that, On March 19, Soojin released a detailed statement and in that statement, she specifically asked her to come out with a statement to further cooperate her version of events, she said,

“I am not guilty, so I strongly request Seo Shin Ae to release a clear statement about the issue.”

Seo Shin Ae ended up obliging and said she had been bullied by Soojin for two years in a lengthy post, after that, Cube and Soojin didn’t release any statement to address the lengthy post Seo Shin Ae had written, nor publicly denied or confirm it.

Nearly four months later, Cube announces Soojin’s departure, but why?

The agency doesn’t directly confirm nor deny whether the rumors were true, their statement was so brief that it left fans angry demanding answers, thus, they’ve created a petition titled ‘JUSTICE FOR SOOJIN,’ the petition description reads,

“WE WANT OUR SOOJIN BACK!! She does NOT deserve ANY of this. Even IF (we didn’t even get an explanation) she made mistakes, kicking her out of (G)I-DLE is NOT a solution! (G)I-DLE is and forever will be 6. BRING SOOJIN BACK, CUBE! GIVE US AN EXPLANATION!! JUSTICE FOR SOOJIN!!

Soojin was FALSELY accused of school bullying (which was YEARS ago) and had a fight with her friend when she was 12. Isn’t it ridiculous to kick somebody out of the group because of that?? We got no explanation, Soojin didn’t even get to speak up about it!! JUSTICE FOR SOOJIN!!”

The petition has drawn many fans and over 60,000 fans have signed it as of this writing.

Cube has yet to respond to the petition.

What do you think of this petition?

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