Fans Notice NMIXX’s Official Instagram Account Has Removed All Photos Of Jinni Following Her Departure

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NMIXX’s Official Instagram Account has been removing a huge chunk of photos from its library.

As of December 14, fans began to notice that NMIXX’s Official Instagram Account post count has gone down a lot. They began to see posts disappear, notably of former member Jinni.

The account had more than 1300 posts, and as of this writing, has only 728 posts. Fans also noticed that they’ve been also removing photos of the group’s prior to their debut when they used to be called JYPn.

On December 9, JYP Entertainment released a shocking statement with fans, the agency said the idol has departed NMIXX and their agency.

Jinni debuted with NMIXX in February of 2022. She’s born in 2004. The news came as a huge shock to the fans who are stunned by the announcement.

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