Fans Notice NCT Dream Jaemin Making Rare Mistakes On The Group’s Comeback Stage, Is It Because Of The Recent Rumors?

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NCT Dream has recently had their most recent comeback to great reception from fans, their album received more than half a million in pre-orders and they were able to top the Melon charts becoming the first NCT unit to do so.

Around their comeback time, rumors about NCT Dream Jaemin’s romance with another actress spread due to her instagram post, some say its photoshop while others are convinced they’re dating. SM has not addressed the issues and they remain mere speculations to this day.

But how does this tie to today’s story?

Fans have noticed Jaemin acting strangely on his group comeback stage this week, he is known for being a professional and rarely makes mistakes, but they’ve noticed him making mistakes on both songs, one fan of the group talked about how much hate Jaemin is getting for this.

Fans also seem to believe that Jaemin was nervous to be on stage because of the rumors and it’s the reason behind the mistakes he made. Many fans defended him stating that every idol is human and it’s okay to make mistakes; other netizens continue to criticize him for his dating rumors.

What do you think of this? do you think he deserves the backlash?

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  1. Does people not know that you can be tired and or sick. Jaemin need to focus on him and keeping his mental health clear and to make sure he stay healthy. Right now is a time like no other. And to think that people can make up dating rumors in between two people so quickly with out a care of what might happen is not ok. The dating rumors where groundless and heartless. If you are a true Nctzen you don’t give him hate for that. Especially when they just had a comeback. We are all human and we make mistakes but it all about how we fix or react to the mistake that make us, us. So everyone let cheer up or one and our only NaNa

  2. I totally agree. He’s one of the sweetest people! Just because a person we don’t usually see making mistakes make a mistake doesn’t mean the world has ended. He doesn’t HAVE to have a REASON to make a mistake he’s human too. He needs rest he needs energizing and we nctzens need to be out there giving him love and supporting him. If only one day we can reciprocate the love he’s given us instead of people being so selfish and hating on him for such stupid things. Fans who went against him are even more stupid because all he’s done is work so hard for us and give us love and they turn their backs on him so easily. They should be ashamed.

  3. Jaemin’s probably just stressed out or maybe tired and fans should not criticize him over some small mistakes like we all made mistakes before in our lives like who doesn’t make mistakes, nobodies perfect in this world not even celebritys are perfect and they can make mistakes. We’re all humans and it’s okay so like fan please stop criticizing Jaemin and making it a big deal like y’all made mistakes too!

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