Fans Furious With How MAMAMOO Was Treated At The 2019 Melon Music Awards

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MAMAMOO fans aren’t pleased with The 2019 Melon Music Awards!

On November 30, The 2019 Melon Music awards were held at the Gocheok Sky Dome, it was broadcasted live on Melon and 1theK’s YouTube channel. Among the attendees were MAMAMOO who is considered one of the senior groups, however, despite the initial expectations; fans were disappointed to see how MAMAMOO were treated during the award ceremony.

It all started with the red carpet event, MAMAMOO weren’t interviewed at the red carpet as initially expected and it took fans by surprise despite many other groups who attended getting interviewed. Until then, fans had thought that an error might’ve occurred and the MCs forgot to interview a group that has been around for more than 5 years.

However, that wasn’t the end of it, according to fans that is.

MAMAMOO, as a group, were only granted 4 minutes to perform some of their biggest tracks at the award ceremony. Despite the fact that their songs topped Korean music charts for a while throughout 2019.

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Other younger groups (even rookies) got 8 and 11 minutes to perform at the ceremony. It is quite shocking that a senior group who has had a very successful year didn’t get the chance to shine properly or even get enough time to perform their tracks like the younger groups.

Fans also found an issue with the order of the performers. Usually, the best and biggest performers of each award ceremony are reserved for the end of the night. Many fans believe MAMAMOO were misplaced among rookie groups in the middle of the award ceremony when they deserved a different timeslot befitting of their status as one of the top girl groups, many thought they’d perform right before BTS.

As a result, MAMAMOO fans trended #respectmamamoo on twitter to express their disappointment with the way Melon handled them. Here are some of their tweets:

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  1. #RespectMamamoo

    MMA should not be doing that after the song HIP showing that Mamamoo is not afraid of hating on them. Who knows what their next comeback song will be like?

  2. They’re robbed.
    As a performer as well I’m mad. Imagine being a chef and forced to serve a half-cooked food. Award is just a bonus for them, all they really care is serving the best for fans. It’s been their tradition.

  3. I’m an ARMY but I also furious why MAMAMOO got 4 minutes and BTS got half an hour? I REALLY HOPED THAT THEY WILL PERFORM THEIR ‘HIP’ SONG AND ‘DESTINY’…

    Mamamoo’s stage never stop amazes me but this one did it. I disappointed of MMA not MAMAMOO

  4. With the song HIP not performed and their treatment of Mamamoo it’s too obvious that MMA Executives probably hated their new comeback as it brought to light many of the undesirable aspect of KPop and the Korean culture. Not trying to be disrespectful but based on experience some of the stories Mamamoo portrayed in their HIP MV are true. Korean man tend to treat women in leading role poorly even if you are from different countries. #HIP #RespectMamamoo

  5. Truly, the disrespect. No wonder other gg’s declined to come. Melon doesnt know how to treat artists they invite. Next year when they invite them again I hope MMM declines

  6. I’m an Army but I was really rooting for MAMAMOO on the night of MMA. I was expecting them to perform right before BTS for atleast 11 – 15 minutes. Such talented senior artists being mistreated infuriates me…!

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