Why Fans Were Furious With The Way Chungha Was Treated At The 2019 MAMA

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Chungha fans aren’t happy with Mnet!

On December 4, the 2019 MAMA was held. Considered one of the biggest music award ceremonies in South Korea, MAMA celebrated the best of the best tonight. Various Kpop soloists and groups attended and performed at the ceremony, one of them was Chungha.

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Chungha has worked so hard on herself for the past couple of years releasing hit after hit, she became one of the best female soloists of South Korea. Despite her status and the fact that she received a Daesang (grand prize) nomination at the 2019 MAMA, fans found issues with the way Mnet treated her at the award show and they’re not happy.

Fans found issues with the timing of Chungha’s performance, despite her status; she was given a timeslot at the beginning of the award show. Usually, rookie groups and rookie soloists are the ones who perform at the beginning of award shows and depending on seniority, each artist/group get an adequate timeslot and performance period.

But that wasn’t the only issue fans found with Mnet treatment of Chungha, she was only given the chance to perform one song without VCR like many other groups who performed at the 2019 MAMA. Chungha only performed for 5 minutes.

While other rookie groups performed at least two songs, Chungha performed only one despite releasing so many hits in 2019. Fans believe Chungha didn’t get the proper treatment she deserves for her status and hard work at the 2019 MAMA.

Thus many fans have taken to twitter to call out Mnet for their alleged mistreatment of Chungha; they expressed their disappointment with Mnet for not giving Chungha the stage she deserves.

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Check out Chungha’s performance below:

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Here are some of their tweets; do you think Chungha was mistreated?

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  1. I don’t think that’s the case. I was so fascinated with Chungha’s number. She made it so outstanding. Haist, people really hv messy mind.

  2. To be honest it wasn’t the first time MAMA did that. Super Junior is one of the longest standing groups of KPop, and they’re only allowed to sing one song and they actually performed before many hoobae groups. And I remember the time when staff skipped over EXO and asked the other groups to stand up during SECHKIES performance, if Chen didnt turn around and see others standing and remind EXO, they’d be seen as rude. That’s why I boycotted MAMA; I still watch my bias groups performances but that’s it. MAMA didnt give out awards fairly anyways.

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