JYP Forgot To Edit Woojin Completely Out Of Their Recent MV? Fans Notice Traces Of Him In New MV

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Stray Kids has released “Astronaut” MV on November 14 (KST).

The MV was originally scheduled to drop on November 9, however, JYP Entertainment delayed the release following the sudden news of Woojin’s departure from the group. There hasn’t been any real explanation for his sudden departure which made it even more confusing to fans. Still, they sent him many encouraging messages wishing him the best on his new journey.

The original release of their mini-album “Clé : LEVANTER” was also pushed back as a result, it will drop on December 9 instead. The song “Astronaut” will be included in their upcoming mini-album.

Following the release of “Astronaut” MV, fans trended #Astronaut worldwide and had all sorts of reactions to the music video, some even spotted Woojin the music video, a bittersweet feeling consumed fans.

It is obvious that Woojin had filmed for their comeback ahead of its original release and its likely that the delay happened due to the changes that had to be made following his departure. Still, eagle-eyed fans spotted him throughout the MV.

Do you miss Woojin?

Check out the MV and fans’ reactions below:

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        1. He bullied the members? He rubbed his thigh to a minor? Hyunjin over here protecting jeongin from him. Possibly a sexual harrasser? What more do you want?

  1. this aged like milk. that man had to do something so bad to be kicked out of the group and company, edited out of the videos, and erase his voice from all the discography

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