Fans And K-Netizens Super Proud Of Sunmi Healthy Weight Gain

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Sunmi has had trouble with gaining weight and her recent weight gain is making k-netizens and fans happy.

Sunmi used to weigh 39 kg at her lowest, fans noticed that she looked stick thin and worried about her health. Sunmi has been working hard on gaining weight during a press conference she held to promote her newest release “LALALAY.”

Her secret to weight gain? Her younger brother, she previously stated,

“I had regular meals and exercised. In fact, my younger sibling helped me the most. We’ve been together throughout the tour, purposely using the same room. I had to make sure to feed my sibling, so if he ate, I ate with him. The secret to gaining weight was my dongseng.”

Sunmi recently shared selfies of herself, her cheeks looked fuller and she radiated with energy, fans showered her with compliments, many left comments praising her determination and good looks.

Her selfies made headlines in South Korea, many k-netizens were also impressed, they praised her determination to lead a healthy lifestyle.


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Check out her recent selfies, are you happy to learn that she gained weight?

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