Famous YouTuber Calls Kpop Fans ‘Teens Jerking Off to Little Boys’ In Reaction To BTS Making It To YouTube 2019 Rewind

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Famous YouTuber Ethan from H3H3 has angered the entire Kpop community with his remarks towards Kpop and Kpop fans in general.

As previously reported, BTS, BLACKPINK, and MAMAMOO made to YouTube 2019 Rewind, which was close to a top 10 video counting down the biggest videos on the platform in 2019.

Ethan from H3H3 was among the thousands of channels who reacted to the rewind. When the video showed BTS, he commented,

“I don’t get the BTS thing.. I am just gonna say it right now, I don’t like Kpop, I hate Kpop. I don’t get BTS, they look like a bunch of… (pause)

How did this become a thing in Western culture? Grown men or little girls jerking off to little Kpop boys. Its like a little fetish, its like a twink guy fetish about these kpop boys.”

He also called Kpop fans stans on twitter crazy,

“All they do is post a gif of their favorite Kpop group dancing and they go fucking crazy.

I’m sure somebody is gonna try to assassinate me…”

On twitter, Ethan continued to carry on ‘joking’ about how Kpop fans who took offense to what he said are overreacting. He even celebrated being ‘canceled’ by Kpop fans.

He then referenced Kpop stans who are trying to,

“The moral high ground over a joke… but are responsible for dozens of suicides of K-pop idols because of their online abuse.”

Check out his video below:

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What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

So as far as I can tell, the majority of you guys don’t know this person but among youtubers (including me), especially the older generation, he’s notorious. This is not the first time he said something so stupid, weird and offensive and it won’t be the last time.

I don’t get easily offended but I found the language he used gross. I don’t mind people calling us kpop fans kids anymore or saying all of us are girls, that’s the least offensive thing they could say but I find the ‘jerking off’ part to little boys gross, it sounds very disgusting. He has the right to express his opinion but it looks like he’s spewing hatred.

I operate a Kpop news site and the majority of my readers’ demographic is from 18 to 25, so they’re not ‘kids’ as far as I know.

I have seen many people say stuff similar to what he said, I find issue with the way he brought up suicide when he’s one who instigated a response, and when he got backlash he referenced the hate Kpop idols get that allegedly caused their death which is very demeaning and insulting to those idols, not to mention, he has no idea what the fuck he’s talking about.

He’s always done that, he says something he knows will offend a bunch of people and then later calls it a ‘joke.’ The fact that he tries to pass it off as a joke infuriated me wayyy more than what he said. if you’re being ignorant and bashful at least admit it.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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