Fake Fans Try To Take Advantage Of HyunA’s Kindness, P-Nation Takes Quick Action

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HyunA recently made her comeback on November 5, since then, she has been promoting on music shows.

She recently made headlines for the gifts she handed out to her fans who came to see her on music shows. She gifted fans with a hand-written letter, a photo blanket, and various Yves Saint Laurent cosmetic products. Fans shared those gifts online and HyunA was praised for the way she treated her fans. Her kindness was praised by fans and nonfans alike.

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The news grew so big that apparently it attracted imposters who claimed to be HyunA fans only to get their hands on these expensive gifts.

Those fake fans took advantage of how relatively easy it was for people to sign up for HyunA music show shoots to get their hands on these goodies, people signing up to those events skyrocketed.

Real fans knew what was up and immediately notified HyunA’s agency, P-Nation, they proceeded to take quick swift action to keep those at bay. They quizzed those fake fans during the queue, they quizzed them about the most basic information on the star, things that regular fans can easily answer, but many failed those quizzes and were asked to leave.

A fan who witnessed this posted it on social media, that fan says over 40 people ahead were cut because they were fake fans.

The news was also covered by various Korean websites. Netizens heavily criticized those shameless fake fans for trying to cash in on HyunA’s kindness.

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What do you think of such behavior?

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