EXO Xiumin Talks About His Solo Album “Brand New” And His Goals At Solo Debut Press Conference  

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EXO Xiumin has shared his thoughts about his solo album and his goals at the press conference of his solo album “Brand New” release.

On September 26, EXO Xiumin attended the press conference for the release of his first mini-album “Brand New” and spoke about his album and more.

Xiumin attended the online press conference on the same day and said,

“I have to do all eight members of EXO’s share by myself, so I had to carry eight times more responsibility. I was worried if I could do well by myself, but I wondered if wouldn’t I be able to grow through this experience. I hope (this experience) will help me in a better direction if I get to work as a member of EXO after this.”

When asked about his goal through his solo album, the singer shared,

“My goal is to be recognized by fans that I can work as a solo artist. ‘Xiumin can also release a solo album and fill the stage alone,’ My solo album’s goal is to receive this level of recognition.”

The album consists of five songs with various charms, including Old School, New Jack Swing, and Retro Ballads, which were popular in the 1990s and early 2000s.

The title song “Brand New” is an old school vibe dance song with an addictive hook, and the lyrics express the promise to show a new look for the loved ones with wit.

Meanwhile, Xiumin will hold a countdown live broadcast on YouTube and TikTok EXO channels from 5 p.m. to commemorate the release of his first mini-album “Brand New,” and communicate with global fans by introducing new songs, unboxing albums, behind-the-scenes work, and spoilers.

Have you listened to his new album yet?

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