EXO-Ls Furious With SM’s Decision To Push Ahead With EXO’s Comeback Following Goo Hara’s Passing

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SM Entertainment has, yet again; angered EXO-Ls were their actions.

In light of Goo Hara’s sudden passing, many events have been either canceled or postponed. EXO comeback is just around the corner and SM has announced their plans to cancel the group’s press event altogether, the press conference was supposed to be held on November 27 at 11 AM KST.

A source from SM announced that the event would be canceled on November 25, the source added that the decision to cancel the press conference was done out of respect for Goo Hara’s sudden passing.

While EXO-Ls are understanding of pushing back content release, this statement infuriated them and not for the reasons you’d expect. SM has little plans to promote EXO’s comeback and the press conference was one of the very few comeback promotional activities for the highly anticipated EXO comeback before even more members enlist next year in 2020 due to military requirements.

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The fandom is already furious with EXO lack of promotional activities; they suggested SM would postpone the press conference instead of canceling it altogether.

Fans are also worried about EXO getting hate for pushing ahead with the comeback schedule during such a difficult time. They suggest the comeback to be pushed back for the time being in respect of Goo Hara, the press conference can also be delayed instead of getting canceled.

The fandom has been demanding an EXO comeback for the entirety of 2019 and when it’s happening, the agency is not doing what the fandom thinks is best for the group image and status.

As a result, EXO-Ls began trending #SMPostponeOBSESSION, here are some of their tweets:

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What do you think of this situation?

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