EXO Lay Announces He’s Left SM Entertainment, Leaves Message To Fans On Social Media

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EXO‘s vocalist and dancer Lay has officially left SM Entertainment.

On April 8, Lay made a sudden announcement to fans via social media.

In the letter seen below, Lay stated that he has left SM Entertainment. He thanked the members of EXO, SM Entertainment, and the fans for their support. Lay added that he would always be there whenever EXO needed him, hinting that he might not be done as a group member. Lay signed it Zhang Yixing (his real name).

Lay first debuted in EXO in 2011 as one of four Chinese members. Since 2016, Lay had been largely absent from EXO activities. He made brief EXO appearances in 2018 and 2021 when he sang vocals for two EXO songs,” Tempo” and “Don’t Fight The Feeling.” Since his absence from EXO, Lay has carved out a successful career as a solo artist.

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