[BREAKING] EXO Chen And His Wife Welcome Their First Baby Daughter

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EXO Chen is officially a daddy!

On April 29, news outlets began to report that EXO Chen’s wife gave birth to a baby girl today at a hospital in the neighborhood of Cheongdam in Gangnam District. Fans were super excited about the news and anxiously waited for confirmation from SM.

Shortly after, a source from SM Entertainment confirmed the news stating that he welcomed a daughter today.

This comes four months after Chen shocked his fans announcing that he’s getting married and that his wife is pregnant. After severe backlash from some Korean EXO-L unions, Chen issued a second letter apologizing to fans, later, SM confirmed that he will remain a part of EXO and they will not remove him as per some fans request.

The fans claimed that he damaged the reputation of his group and thus should withdraw from EXO. International EXO-Ls on the other hand have been doing their best to show their support to Chen.

One of the way they’re showing their support to Chen after the birth of his daughter is by trending various hashtags on twitter, #WelcomEXOPrincess, Jongdae and Chen have topped worldwide twitter trends after the news.

Congratulations to Chen and his wife!

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