EVERGLOW Shocks Fans By Announcing They’re Changing Their Leader

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EVERGLOW leader position has changed!

On May 25, EVERGLOW came back with a new song “FIRST” and held a comeback showcase to discuss the song and celebrate their first release in 8 months, they’ve been on a hiatus for some time now.

The members expressed their excitement about the comeback and shared they’ve worked very hard for this one too.

During the showcase, the MC brought up the topic of changing leaders as a new big change the group went through, the leader has changed from EU to Sihyeon, EU said,

“It wasn’t difficult being a leader and I believe that Sihyeon will do well. Thank you so much for following me so well until now and in the future, I’ll support you by your side as the oldest member [talking to Sihyeon].”

Sihyeon said,

“I’ve ended up becoming the leader for a new change. In the future, I will take responsibility and make sure our team works well together. I will work towards becoming a leader who can communicate well.”

EU also thanked fans for the love and support and promised to become singers they can feel proud of.

Sihyeon may not be the eldest member of EVERGLOW, but she has plenty of experience in the industry. She is the lead vocalist, visual, and face of the group and had appeared on two survival shows before debuting: Produce 101‘s first season in 2016 and Produce 48 in 2018, ranking no.40 and no.27 respectively.

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