Eric Nam Put On The Spot In Front Of His Former “We Got Married” Partner Solar, Reveals Whether He’s Dating

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Eric Nam was put in a cute awkward position in front of his former “We Got Married” Partner MAMAMOO Solar recently!

On November 21 broadcast of “Cultwo Show,” Eric Nam and MAMAMOO featured as guests. MAMAMOO were there to promote their most recent comeback while Eric Nam promoted his new English track “Congratulations.”

Eric Nam says the lyrics are sarcastic in tone; he’s congratulating a partner for breaking up with him. The DJ proceeded to put him on the spot and asked whether these lyrics came from personal experience and whether he had recently broken up with his girlfriend. Flustered, Eric Nam denied it and said,

“No its not like that. I was surprised by your sudden question.”

The DJ proceeded to explain that they asked this question since he composed and wrote the lyrics to this song so the question came up naturally, the DJ added, “did you break up?”

Eric Nam, again, said ‘no,’ but this time explained that the lyrics are from his own experience. He was then asked if he’s currently dating anyone while his former “We Got Married” Partner MAMAMOO Solar looked on, he said, “Not dating right now,” eliciting laughter.

Many fans found it interesting that he got asked such a question in front of his former partner Solar, many thought they shared great chemistry while on the show.

What do you think of his answer?

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