ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Receives Backlash For His Comments On The CSAT Exams, Issues An Apology

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ENHYPEN’s Jungwon recent comments on V Live have gained backlash, but why?

The College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) is the biggest exam Korean kids prepare for, the exam is held yearly and it determines what happens to people’s future. It was held on November 18.

During a V Live broadcast on November 18, Jungwon talked about fans who were attending the group’s fan meeting on November 19, he said, “Won’t the fans who are attending the fan meeting the day after the CSAT not do well on the test?” He later added, “well, the CSAT isn’t that important.”

His comments quickly became a heated topic of discussion among fans, some thought his comments were insensitive and tone deaf while others thought he was trying to make a joke but it didn’t land well. Regardless, his comments garnered him backlash from some fans who expressed their disappointment to hear that.

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On November 19, Jungwon issued an apology for his comment, he wrote,

“I am sorry for the words I’ve said during yesterday’s V Live broadcast and for not taking into consideration the feelings of those who are taking the test.

I was so excited to meet ENGENE [ENHYPEN’s fan club] at the fan meeting in person after so long that I didn’t consider the feelings of the students who studied hard for the college entrance exam.

I realized that I am still immature and lacking. I’m sorry. In the future, I will become someone who thinks carefully and deeply.”

What do you think of Jungwon’s apology?

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