ENHYPEN’s Jake Personally Denies Unverified Claims He Tried To Pick Up Women In Itaewon

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ENHYPEN’s Jake has personally addressed the claims made against him online.

In what has become known as the ‘itaewon hunting’ controversy, ‘hunting’ as in picking up girls, Jake was accused of doing that in Itaewon recently.

The idol was reportedly spotted by netizens walking around the trendy area, he was also allegedly spotted with an acquaintance interacting with several women. The issue became that the uploader of the photos claims Jake was seen with a cigarette in his mouth seemingly asking for a lighter from a woman wearing a black dress. This was interpreted as him trying to pick up girls.

The issue became a hot trending topic on various Korean online communities, but HYBE has not yet publicly come out with a statement addressing the situation to confirm or deny whether the photos were ever real or fake.

This concerned fans who have been trying to get the agency’s attention in order to protect ENHYPEN’s Jake and his reputation online.

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On August 27, one fan directly asked ENHYPEN’s Jake about the situation on Weverse, they wrote, ‘jake, is the Itaewon hunting incident true?’ Jake surprisingly responded to the post, he wrote, “its not true. I wish you could believe me.”

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