ENHYPEN Leader Finally Revealed, How Did The Members Decide?

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We finally know who ENHYPEN leader is!

ENHYPEN is currently preparing for their highly anticipated debut, fans have been curious about who the leader could be, and they finally know who it is.

The seven-member boy group will debut on November 30 with their mini album “BORDER : DAY ONE.” In a new video to their YouTube channel, the members selected the leader. The members were interviewed and took on various tests. It was narrowed down to Heeseung and Jungwon.

Staff members reminded the members that Heeseung is the oldest member of the group and is already the core of their performance, there were concerns that having him take on another role might burden him.

After discussions between the members, the candidates and the staff, it was revealed that ENHYPEN leader will be Jungwon.

The members happily clapped for the results and each one of them shared their thoughts on the leader selection process, you can check out the full video available with English subtitles below:

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Do you think Jungwon is a good fit to ENHYPEN’s leader?

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