ENHYPEN’s Korean Fans Send Protest Trucks To HYBE Demanding “Bite Me” Choreography To Remove The Female Dancers + HYBE Trolls Back Hilariously

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ENHYPEN’s Korean Fans have made headlines the past couple of days when they sent protest trucks to HYBE headquarters demanding they changed the choreography, but why?

Recently, ENHYPEN made a comeback and their recent choreography for “Bite Me” gained attention as it features female dancers. After seeing glimpses of the choreography, some Korean ENHYPEN fans were so triggered they sent protest trucks to the HYBE buildings and even put out a statement speaking on behalf of the entire fandom demanding change.

The reason?

Some Korean fans believe the female dancers being featured are ‘problematic’ and thus are requesting change from BELIFT LAB. After that, photos of the protest trucks made headlines. Some of the messages on the trucks reads as ‘the company deters the future of its artists,’ ‘Remove the choreography with the female dancers completely. Only put the seven members on stage’ and more.

The messages basically blame the companies for this and say that unless they want boycotts of support, they must change the choreography and remove the female dancers.

After International fans caught a glimpse of this, they counter-attacked and sent protest trucks in favor of the choreography. Japanese ENHYPEN fans also put out a joint statement favoring the choreography in its original style.

To make matters more interesting, HYBE did not respond to the protest trucks but what they did upset some of the fans who originally sent the protest trucks. Creating one of the most hilarious stories of how companies responded to protest trucks in the history of Kpop.

Fans noticed in recent dance videos of the song, the female dancers’ expressions changed and instead of having them look down, they now look directly into the camera. Added to that, on a recent episode of M! Countdown, the YouTube channel ‘tricked’ fans by featuring a solo picture of only the members as the thumbnail of the performance but once you click on it, you will see the original dance video featuring the female dancers.

After Seeing this, many of the Korean fans who sent the protest trucks expressed their disappointment and their criticism grew against HYBE. On the international side, many are applauding the companies for the handling of the situation and for not caving into the demands of some fans.

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