Famous German Photographer Ellen Von Unwerth Mistakes NCT Jeno For A BTS Member, Issues Correction

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Was this a case of racism? Many fans and k-netizens believe so!

Recently, NCT Jeno made headlines and history as he became the first Kpop idol to open for a New York Fashion Week. He went viral for his looks and mingled with a lot of celebrities during and after the event.

One of the celebrities and known media personals he met was the German photographer Ellen Von Unwerth who is known for taking one of the most beautiful photos with the most beautiful of concepts worldwide for some of the biggest celebrities.

She posted a photo with NCT Jeno and captioned with, “So excited to meet a member of @btsofficial.”

Many fans quickly pointed out how racist this felt, while some believe it was a mistake, many believe she should have asked who he was before snapping a photo with him. Many believe she stereotyped him and believed he was a BTS member simply because he was a kpop idol which angered many fans.

She ended up deleting the original story and reposting with another caption that reads, “So sorry, so great to meet @leejen_o_423.”

What are your thoughts on this?

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