Divorced Kpop Couple Former U-KISS member Eli And Ji Yeon Soo To Appear On “We Got Divorced,” Seen Arguing In First Teaser

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Former U-KISS member Eli and his ex-wife Ji Yeon Soo will be appearing together on this variety show.

Recently, it was confirmed that Eli and Ji Yeon Soo will be meeting again as fixed cast members of the next season of “We Got Divorced.” “We Got Divorced” is a reality show about divorced couples who reunite and shed light on their relationship and the reasons behind their divorce.

In the newest released teaser video, Ji Yeon Soo can be seen crying when confronting Eli saying that their marriage period was ‘like hell’ to her. In the same teaser, the former couple gets into an argument.

Eli and Ji Yeon Soo registered their marriage in June of 2014 and had a son together in 2015. They officially held a wedding ceremony in 2017 and have previously appeared on variety shows together, fans loved the former couple together and were shocked by the sudden news when they confirmed they were getting divorced. They divorced in November of 2020.

“We Got Divorced” season 2 airs on April 8, you can check out the teaser below!

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