Eddy Kim Scrutinized By Netizens For His Attitude Following His Involvement In The Controversy

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Netizens are not happy with singer Eddy Kim attitude one bit!

On April 4, his agency confirmed that he was indeed part of a group chatroom with Jung Joon Young, however, the agency denied he had filmed or distributed any illegally taken footage.

However, on April 5, a source from the police confirmed that the singer is the latest to be booked on the suspicion of distributing sexual illegally taken footage violating the Act of Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.

Following April 4th announcement, the singer had set his Instagram account to private. He hasn’t posted an apology yet either.


In Korean culture, apologizing for your wrong actions is important, its done out of respect to those affected by your actions.

Netizens have reacted extremely negatively to Eddy Kim making his account private, many view it as if he’s not owning up to his mistakes and running away.

Here are some of their comments:

“Don’t crawl out of your house, watch porn at home for the rest of your life.”

“Ok, so now you turn it off!! Hey Eddy Kim, don’t you want to write music anymore? Yeah, you’re done.”

“You’re rich now because of your music… so you’re not trying to show any remorse for the vicitims?”

“I am sorry I got caught?.. wow, little bitch.”


“You might not receive punishment by the law but we’ll bury you socially…”

“Disgusting person.”

“Using the same method as Lee Jong Hyun?”

“Such thick skin, you’re done either ways.”

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What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

I think it’s really sad how things have turned out! I am beyond disappointed; I don’t think the word ‘disappointment’ do the situation any justice!

I don’t know how far he’s involved and its too early to speculate that, he’s been booked but its still being investigated so we don’t know. Regardless, I am disgusted by the fact that he admitted to being the chatroom.

Personally speaking, I will withdraw my support from any singer who’s proven to be involved in those chatrooms whether they shared content on it or not.

The sheer idea of knowing you’re watching illegally uploaded content of girls who probably had no idea they were being filmed in compromised situations is scary!

I am not a saint and I am not a 14-year-old Kpop fan who thinks every oppa is innocent and charming, I know that everyone has a good and a bad side to them.

However, discussing such obscene illegal content and drawing enjoyment from it is disgusting. I don’t even expect them to report JJY but the least they could do is respect women by not engaging in such content.

I know that reporting JJY would have brought doom to their careers and I know most of them are cowards and would never dare do it. although, we’d like to think that they are noble men who would report such crimes, in reality attempting to do that will bring down not only the idol who reported it but basically anybody who found to have been part of it, a lot of lives will be ruined, but its too late now, the chatrooms content is already out.

However, the least I expect from a decent human being is to not engage in such content. Blocking JJY or exiting the chat takes like… a couple of finger clicks, that’s all!

It’s not like downloading porn of two people filming consensually is difficult these days anyways….. There is no excuse in my opinion.

The people who deserve an apology are those victims who were filmed without their consent, as netizens said he should apologize for the victims.

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