BL Drama “Semantic Error” Star DONGKIZ’s Jaechan Accused Of Bullying, Agency Responds

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DONGKIZ’s Jaechan has been accused of bullying and the agency has finally responded to the rumors.

On Twitter recently, one netizen claimed that Jaechan smoked electronic cigarettes at school and that he harassed female students. They attached graduation photos of the idol from elementary and middle school to further cement their claims.

After the rumors began spreading, DONGKIZ’s Jaechan agency responded to them, they have denied all the claims and promised strict legal action.

In their statement, they explain the post is not true, they have checked with the artist personally as well as acquaintances and confirmed the content of the post to be false. They also added that they have already checked the idol’s social life before his debut as part of the recruiting process. Added to that, they have filed a lawsuit for cyber-libel and the suspicion of slander on March 4. As of this writing, the agency says an investigator has been assigned to this case, and its currently in progress.

The agency also promises to take strict legal action without any settlement or leniency in the future as well. Fans can use [email protected] to report slander, false information, and such to the agency. They closed their statement once again by assuring fans the rumors are false.

DONGKIZ’s Jaechan recently starred in “Semantic Error,” which concluded last week. The BL drama has gained lots of attention. For the second week of March, it was the most popular OTT content across all platforms in Korea including Netflix.

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