DONGKIZ Announces Name Change And Members’ Lineup Change After A Member Gains Popularity Following The BL “Semantic Error” Success

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Rising Boy Group DONGKIZ has made many surprising changes recently.

DONGKIZ’s Jaechan recently starred in “Semantic Error,” which concluded last week. The BL drama has gained lots of attention. For the second week of March, it was the most popular OTT content across all platforms in Korea including Netflix.

On March 18, the agency announced that DONGKIZ will be changing its name to DKZ. Not only that but there will be several lineup changes beginning with Munik, who had previously gone on hiatus due to health issues, will remain on a hiatus and not join the group’s next comeback. Member Wondae is leaving the group due to his injury.

DKZ is now preparing for an April comeback and the group will be adding three new members to the lineup as well to make up for the loss in members.

DKZ has three remaining members Jaechan, Kyoungyoon, and Jonghyeong.

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