Famous Music Composer And Singer Don Spike Arrested On Drug Charges, Edited Out And Excluded From Replay Services For KBS And MBC

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A Famous Music Composer And Singer [hereafter referred to as A] has been reportedly arrested on charges of taking drugs.

The story went viral when it was reported on earlier today by many media outlets. ‘A’ is reportedly a very famous singer and music composer.

‘A’ was reportedly arrested at a hotel located in Gangnam for violating the Narcotics Control Act. Police discovered that ‘A’ had taken Methamphetamine on multiple accounts and obtained an arrest warrant. He is said to be getting investigated more in the future. ‘A’’s rapid drug test showed positive results. He had also reportedly been caught with 30 gm of Methamphetamine which is equivalent to about 1000 servings. [could be administrated 1000 times or given to 1000 people]

Later, some news outlets reported that ‘A’ was Don Spike, who is 45 years old.

On September 28, Don Spike was photographed entering a police station for questioning following his arrest. He said, “I admit to using drugs. I am sorry for causing concern. I will diligently take part in the investigation and will pay for my sins. I will reveal the details during the investigation process.”

After the news went viral, it was reported that KBS, Channel A and MBC have edited out/excluded Don Spike from their replay services and deleted all online video clips that included him. KBS said in a statement to a news outlet that they have decided to delete all videos that included his face.

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